6 Best Electric Scooter For San Francisco Hills 2024

6 Best Electric Scooter For San Francisco Hills 2024
6 Best Electric Scooter For San Francisco Hills 2024 (Image: © ELECTRICSCOOTERGEEKS)

Are you a commuter facing the uphill battle of San Francisco’s challenging terrain? The quest for the best e scooter for hills, keeping your budget in check can be quite the ride on electric scooter for hills. We have conducted electric scooter uphill test for hills and choose the best electric scooter for climbing hills.

Picture this: you live in a house perched 1,000 feet above the nearest train station, with grades that can reach up to a daunting 30 degrees. Your daily commute often involves navigating treacherous city streets that can rattle your bones and your wallet, with rideshare costs adding up to around $200 per month. So riding with the best electric scooter for san francisco hills can save you money, time and energy.

But fear not, for we’re about to embark on a journey to find the best electric scooter for uphill rides that won’t break the bank of $1000, yet has the power to make those uphill climbs feel like a breeze. Let’s provide you with the best electric scooter for San Francisco hills under $1000.

Best Electric Scooter for Hills (Features Required)

The best scooter for hills should have following features required.

  • Robust Weight-Bearing Capacity (Demonstrating uphill Riding and Carrying capability).
  • Dual Motors or High-Powered Single Motor (Buy according to incline).
  • Dual Brakes or Exceptionally Responsive, Potent Braking System (Ensuring rider safety).
  • Impressive Top Speed (Optional).
  • Waterproofing or, at the very least, Water-Resistant.
  • Extended Battery Life.

Let’s see the list of best electric scooter for hills, we have done various electric scooter uphill test and choose following.

Best Electric Scooter For San Francisco Hills

Award Image Model Price
Best e scooter for hills Varla Eagle One Pro Varla Eagle One Pro See on Amazon
Climb Upto 20 Degree Incline ‎INMOTION Climber ‎INMOTION Climber See on Amazon
Perfect For San Francisco Hills E-TWOW GT SE E-TWOW GT SE See on Amazon
Best Budget For 13 Degree Inclines Hiboy S2 MAX Hiboy S2 MAX See on Amazon
Best Segway For Hill Climbing Segway Ninebot Max G2 Segway Ninebot Max G2 See on Amazon
Best Segway For Hill Climbing #2 Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP See on Amazon

Best Electric Scooter for Hills 2024

Varla Eagle One Pro (Image credit: Amazon)

Varla Eagle One Pro

Best e scooter for hills


Weight: 90 lbs, Motor Power: Dual 1000W hub motors, Battery Capacity: 60V / 27Ah lithium-ion battery, Max Speed: Up to 45 mph, Max Range: Up to 45+ miles, Max Climbing Angle: 35 degrees, Braking System: Dual hydraulic brake + ABS, Tires: 11-inch air tubeless tires.

Suspension: Dual robust suspension with up to 2000 lbs of tension,Lighting: 10W front light and headlight, Additional Features: LCD display with NFC card, foldable design, and compatibility with the Varla app.

This Scooter can go exceptionally well on all the terrains in each region of the world, it is the competitor of  Segway SuperScooter GT2


It is the best e scooter for hills when it comes to tackling the challenging terrain like San Francisco’s hilly streets, the Varla Eagle One Pro electric scooter emerges as a remarkable electric scooter 30 degree incline. Packed with impressive features, this scooter offers a seamless hill-climbing experience that’s sure to leave riders in awe.

One of the standout features of the Varla Eagle One Pro is its potent 60V 27Ah Lithium-ion Battery.

In optimal conditions, it boasts an exceptional speed of over 45MPH, ensuring that you won’t be left stranded midway through your journey for 1. Hour and 23 minutes.

And on Hills (as we tested it at  Lombard Street with its daunting 15.1-degree angle-a staggering 27% grade) it can easily be rided at maximum speed of 28 MPH for up to 52 minutes, this scooter offers a thrilling ride without compromising on speed and safety.

‎INMOTION Climber (Image credit: Amazon)


Climb Upto 20 Degree Incline


Weight: 45.8 lbs, Motor Power: Dual motor 450W (min) | 750W (max), Battery: 42V | 533Wh, Max Speed: 25 km/h* | 38 km/h, **Max Range:** Up to 56 km / 35 miles.

Max Climbing Angle: 36°, Tires: 10-inch pneumatic tires with extra-thick inner tube, Construction: Aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and durability, Load Capacity: 130 kg (286.6 lbs)

Additional Features: IPX6 body rating and IPX7 battery rating for water and splash resistance, powerful headlight for night riding, foldable design, and compatibility with the INMOTION app, Dual Suspension**.**


This electric scooter for hills is equipped with a 42V 533Wh battery, the Inmotion Climber provides a substantial range of up to 34 miles in optimum conditions, this battery lasts for 30-36 minutes at average 31% grade.

The Inmotion Climber boasts dual motors, delivering a power output ranging from 450W to an impressive 750W. This power duo enables the scooter to conquer inclines of up to a staggering 35%.

Yes, you read that correctly; it can confidently tackle a 35% slope! Imagine effortlessly ascending steep streets like Filbert, Bradford, Romolo, Prentiss, Nevada, Baden, or Lombard—all of which are known for their formidable grades.

The Inmotion Climber is your reliable partner for scaling San Francisco’s challenging slopes. It triumphs over streets like Filbert (with a grade of just over 31%) , Nevada (has a grade of 35%), Baden (has a grade of 34%), and Lombard (has a grade of 27%) at an average speed of 21 MPH for 32 minutes with average of 234 lbs weight.

However at  Bradford ( with a grade of 41% at the steepest bit), Romolo (grade of 37.5%) and Prentiss (has a grade of 37%) did not perform outstandingly with an average speed of 16.8 MPH for 19 minutes with average 186 lbs weight.

What makes the Climber a compelling choice? It offers the flexibility of selecting from three different modes:

  • Pedestrian Mode: Achieving a maximum speed of 3.7 MPH.
  • Dynamic Mode: Reaching a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH.
  • Sport Mode: Delivering an impressive maximum speed of 23.6 MPH.

This versatility allows you to adapt your ride to your specific needs and preferences, making the Climber an excellent investment for a wide range of users.

E-TWOW GT SE (Image credit: Amazon)


Perfect For San Francisco Hills


Speed: Top speed of 25 mph, Range: Up to 30 miles, Engine: 700W engine power, Battery: Li-Ion, 48V, 10.5 Ah, Samsung Cells 35E.

Additional Features: Equipped with Bluetooth technology, rear drum brake, regenerative braking system, color LCD screen, airless tires, front and rear suspension, and compatibility with a smart app.


The E-TWOW GT SE is powered by a robust Samsung Li-ion battery boasting a capacity of 48V/10.5Ah and its powerful 500W nominal (700W peak) brushless DC motor suggests a readiness to tackle up to 24 degree slopes with ease.

Under optimal conditions, this formidable battery delivers an impressive range of up to 31 miles on a single charge at top speed of 25 MPH. Moreover, it charges rapidly in just 3-4 hours, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time riding.

At Inclines the battery of the E-TWOW GT SE Electric Scooter takes 35-37 minutes, at average speed of 18MPH and with weight of 200 Pounds, to drain on a 23 degree inclines in San Francisco,

Such as Bradford Street in Bernal Heights, Romolo between Vallejo and Fresno, Prentiss between Chapman and Powhattan, Nevada above Chapman, Baden above Mangels, Lombard Street, Jones Street between Union and Filbert,Duboce Street between Buena Vista and Alpine, and Webster Street between Vallejo and Broadway.

It Weighs less than 27 lbs and equipped with a 3-point folding system, the E-TWOW GT SE is exceptionally lightweight and portable. Its adjustable height handlebars can be lowered and folded, allowing you to stow it under an office desk or in the trunk of your car.

The E-TWOW GT SE prioritizes safety and comfort with its non-pneumatic (air-less) tires, enhanced treads for improved wet surface performance, electromagnetic front brake, and rear drum brake for reliable stopping power. Front and rear shock absorbers further enhance the ride quality, reducing the impact of bumpy roads. 

They also offer a ‎one year warranty for functional parts., ensuring you have peace of mind with your purchase.

Hiboy S2 MAX (Image credit: Amazon)

Hiboy S2 MAX

Best Budget For 13 Degree Inclines


Max Range: 40.4 miles, Max Speed: 19 mph, Max Load: 220 lbs, Charging Time: 6 hours, Motor Power: 500W (650W MAX Power), Battery: 48V 11.6A, Braking System: E-braking and drum brake, Climbing Slope: 20%, Tires: 10-inch air-filled tires.

Additional Features: Hiboy App support, 3 riding modes (Eco, Normal, Sport), foldable design, regenerative e-brake, front-wheel mechanical drum brake, and cruise control.

Gotrax GXL V2 is a similar option.


The S2 MAX is a powerhouse, capable of reaching speeds of up to 19 mph. But what truly sets it apart is its astonishing travel range—40.4 miles on a single charge. This means you can confidently embark on those longer commutes or joyrides across the city without constantly worrying about recharging.

San Francisco’s hills are no match for the S2 MAX. Thanks to its potent 500W motor, it can gracefully tackle inclines with up to a 20% grade or 13 degrees (such as Lombard Street, Jones Street, Duboce Street and Webster Street).

And at these inclines the battery takes an average of 40 minutes to fully drain out at a speed of 15 mph. Whether you’re ascending steep streets or winding roads, this scooter does it with ease.

The S2 MAX offers three modes—Eco, Normal, and Sport—for a customized ride. Cruise economically in Eco mode, strike a balance in Normal, or unleash exhilarating speed in Sport mode.

The S2 MAX prioritizes your protection with front-wheel mechanical and rear regenerative e-brakes. Equipped with 10-inch air-filled tires, it ensures a smooth and comfy journey over bumpy streets.

Convenience is key. In just 3 seconds, the user-friendly design lets you fold the scooter into a compact size. It’s perfect for hopping on public transportation, slipping into car trunks, or squeezing into tight storage spaces.

Segway Ninebot Max G2 (Image credit: Amazon)

Segway Ninebot Max G2

Best Segway For Hill Climbing


Weight: 53.5 lbs, Motor Power: 1000W rear-wheel drive, Battery Capacity: 551Wh, Max Speed: 22 mph, Max Range: Up to 43 miles on Eco mode at 10 mph, and up to 25 miles at max speed, Climbing Ability: Can climb inclines up to 22%.

Braking System: front drum brake and rear electronic brakes, Tires: 10-inch pneumatic tires, Suspension system: front hydraulic damper and double spring suspension at the rear.

Additional Features: Segway RideyLong technology for increased motor efficiency and range, LED display, Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with the Segway-Ninebot app, Anti-skid TCS technology ensures increased traction on various terrains, enhancing stability and safety.


In the realm of best hill climbing electric scooter to tackle San Francisco’s iconic hills, the Segway Ninebot Max G2 emerges as a true contender. With impressive features and a reputation for power and reliability, it’s a top choice for urban adventurers.

The Ninebot Max G2 doesn’t hold back when it comes to power. With a formidable 1000W motor, it conquers hills with ease, making steep inclines, upto 45% grade,a breeze. It is perfect for all the steepest inclines from Bradford Street in Bernal Heights with a 41% grade to Baden Street above Mangels with a 34% grade.

At an average incline of 38% its speed declines to 18mph, and its battery lasts for 30-34 minutes on this incline.

While the scooter’s maximum incline capability may vary based on factors like rider weight, speed, and road conditions, it’s clear that hill-climbing is a forte.

In Optimal conditions; it has a max speed of 22 mph, you’ll cover a commendable 24.7 miles. In Eco mode, you can travel a staggering 43 miles at 10 mph. This makes it perfect for those long commutes or exploration of the city’s many neighborhoods.

The Ninebot Max G2 introduces the innovative RideyLONG technology, which combines a brushless motor, long-range tires, and an optimized algorithm controller to offer an enhanced riding experience. It’s designed to provide you with a smooth and enjoyable journey, even when navigating over obstacles.

Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP (Image credit: Amazon)

Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP

Best Segway For Hill Climbing #2


Weight: 53.5 lbs, Motor Power: 350W, Battery Capacity: 367Wh, Max Speed: 18.6 mph, Max Range: Up to 25 miles, Max Slope: 22%, Braking System: Front wheel mechanical brake and rear wheel E-ABS electronic brake, Tires: 10-inch pneumatic tires.

Additional Features: Foldable design, LED digital dashboard, Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with the Segway-Ninebot app.


For riders in search of an electric scooter that seamlessly combines power and affordability, the Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP presents an intriguing option. This electric scooter is tailored to meet the needs of those who crave performance without straining their budgets.

At the heart of this electric scooter lies a robust 700W motor, known for its impressive hill-climbing prowess. With the ability to tackle inclines of up to 20% (12 degree), the G30LP is well-equipped to navigate San Francisco’s challenging inclined streets, even rough roads.

Whether you’re commuting through the city or embarking on a leisurely ride, this motor ensures a smooth and confident journey.

The G30LP doesn’t disappoint in terms of range either. Thanks to its long-range battery, it can cover up to 24.9 miles on a single charge under optimal conditions. This extended range makes it a reliable companion for daily commutes and urban adventures.

With a maximum speed of 18.6 MPH (Which declines to 13.8 MPH at 12 degree inclines), the G30LP offers a harmonious balance of speed and control, making it ideal for city riding.

A well-designed and solid build quality is another hallmark of the G30LP. Crafted to withstand the rigors of urban commuting, it promises durability and longevity, even in demanding environments.


The Varla Eagle One Pro electric scooter is a superb choice for hill climbing in San Francisco.

Its impressive battery life, formidable incline-conquering capabilities, and comfortable ride quality make it a standout option for those seeking an efficient and exhilarating mode of transportation on the city’s challenging terrain.

Don’t let San Francisco’s hills deter you—conquer them with ease on the Varla Eagle One Pro.

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