6 Best Electric Scooter Under $400 (2024)

6 Best Electric Scooter Under $400 (2024)
6 Best Electric Scooter Under $400 (2024) (Image: © ELECTRICSCOOTERGEEKS)

In our exploration of the electric scooter market, we’ve identified a notable scarcity of options priced under three hundred dollars. While budget-friendly, only a select few truly live up to their price by offering features that justify the investment. Therefore, it becomes imperative to delve into the realm of budget-friendly electric scooters ranging from $300 to $400.

This blog is meticulously curated to present a comprehensive list of the best electric scooter under $400 available on a global scale.

Our objective is to ensure that these scooters not only meet the budgetary constraints but also deliver performance and features that surpass expectations. With this guide, we aim to provide a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for those seeking a reliable electric scooter without compromising on quality or requiring additional investments.

6 Best Electric Scooter Under $400 (2024)

Award Image Model Price
Top Choice Hiboy S2 (Without seat) Hiboy S2 (Without seat) See on Amazon
Budget Hover-1 Journey Hover-1 Journey See on Amazon
Best Hiboy KS4 Hiboy KS4 See on Amazon
Best Segway Ninebot E2/E2 Plus Segway Ninebot E2/E2 Plus See on Amazon
Best NIU-KQi 1 Pro NIU-KQi 1 Pro See on Amazon
Good Gotrax GXL V2 Gotrax GXL V2 See on Amazon

Best E Scooter Under $400

Hiboy S2 (Without seat) (Image credit: Amazon)

Hiboy S2 (Without seat)

Top Choice


Maximum speed of 19 miles per hour.

Lighting setup for the front, rear, and sides.

Integrated regenerative and mechanical braking system.

Conveniently transportable up stairs.


Worth the Investment

Operational lifespan of 16 months.


Restricted power when navigating uphill terrain.


The Hiboy S2 emerges as a highly valuable option for individuals in search of an economical transportation solution, particularly for daily commuting, making it the best electric scooter under $400.

It boasts notable features such as all-around lights and a dual-braking system, significantly enhancing its practicality for regular commuting, even though larger riders might encounter challenges on hills.

While it may not be the most stylish option, the Hiboy S2 compensates with its value-driven approach, incorporating a robust motor, functional design, and user-friendly controls, including a push-button throttle and regenerative brake options.

Designed for commutes, the Hiboy S2 stands out with internally routed cables, a small color display providing essential information, and a stable, albeit somewhat compact, grippy rubber-coated deck. The 350-Watt motor allows for speeds of up to 19 miles per hour on flat terrain, although its uphill performance is somewhat limited.

The inclusion of features like LEDs, a bright headlight, and dual braking mechanisms enhances safety, solidifying the Hiboy S2 as a reliable and affordable choice for daily commuting needs.

Hover-1 Journey (Image credit: Amazon)

Hover-1 Journey



Maximum speed ranging from 15 to 19 mph.

Capable of conquering typical hill climbs.

Affordable pricing.


16 months Lifespan.


Nothing major to mention


The Hover-1 Journey stands out as a revolutionary option for those in search of an affordable and dependable electric scooter. Priced at a budget-friendly $350, this scooter is tailored for new or smaller riders while maintaining a high standard of quality. The Hover-1 is also noted for its capability to handle hilly terrains.

As the world’s second-largest electric scooter manufacturer, Hover-1 introduces the Journey as a 700W dual motor power, offering a lightweight alternative to larger models. With a comfortable handlebar height of 35.5 inches and a robust steel frame, it accommodates riders with heights ranging from 4'10" to 5'10".

The presence of air-filled 8.5-inch tires ensures a smooth and controlled ride, even in the absence of suspension. The scooter’s user-friendly throttle and impressive braking capabilities contribute to both outstanding performance and safety.

Portability is a key feature, with the Hover-1 Journey effortlessly folding down and weighing only 31.6 lbs. Hover-1’s commitment to rider satisfaction is evident in the thoughtful design and continuous improvements, making the Journey a compelling choice in the electric scooter market.

Hiboy KS4 (Image credit: Amazon)

Hiboy KS4



Top speed of 19 mph.

Sturdily constructed.

Efficient functionality of the cruise control feature.

Lightweight design for easy maneuverability.

Exceptional value for the price.

Lifespan of 14 months.


Nothing major to mention at this price


The Highboy KS4 electric scooter provides an affordable option priced at ~$380, featuring an aesthetically pleasing design with an attractive deck pattern and a color scheme of black, red, and white. However, it comes with certain drawbacks, notably in cable management, where exposed wires present a visual downside.

In terms of performance, the scooter is equipped with a 36V 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery, claiming a range of 13.6 to 17 miles. Real-world testing resulted in a slightly lower range of 13.1 miles, which might be a limiting factor for daily commuting. The 350W front Hub motor enables a top speed of 19 mph, and its acceleration is decent within its category.

Ride quality is a point of concern, as the 8.5-inch solid tires lack the shock absorption provided by pneumatic tires, resulting in a relatively rough ride. The scooter’s compact size may be less comfortable for adult riders, and the noise level is deemed acceptable.

On the positive side, the braking system, comprising mechanical disc brakes and regenerative brakes, performs well, and the scooter boasts a commendable IPX4 water resistance rating. The folding mechanism adds convenience, allowing for easy carrying with a weight of 32.6 pounds.

The display is simple yet functional, providing essential information, although visibility may be challenging in direct sunlight. Additional features include a headlight, brake light, and stylish deck lights for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.

Segway Ninebot E2/E2 Plus (Image credit: Amazon)

Segway Ninebot E2/E2 Plus



Top speed ranging from 12.4 to 15.5 mph.

Provides excellent value for the price.

Ideal for commuting to work, especially for beginners.

Easy to carry.

Smooth ride over minor bumps.

Operational lifespan of 13 months.


Nothing negative to say.


The Segway Ninebot E2 stands out as an excellent choice in the entry-level electric scooter category, combining modern design aesthetics with affordability. Renowned as one of the most trusted scooter brands globally, Segway maintains its legacy of delivering high-quality and reliable scooters at budget-friendly prices.

The E2, including its upgraded version, the E2 Plus, offers an enticing option for those looking for an economical yet dependable ride. Boasting an 85% larger and clearer center color display compared to its predecessor, the E22, the E2 ensures excellent visibility for crucial information.

Weighing a mere 33 pounds, its comfortable and nimble design makes it effortlessly portable for riders of all ages. The 8.1-inch hollow tires contribute to a smooth ride, albeit with a potential compromise in rough conditions.

In terms of performance, the E2 impresses with a tested top speed of 12.5 miles per hour, catering to a diverse range of riders, including younger individuals, college students, and last-mile commuters. While it faces limitations in hill climbing, the 21.6V 220W battery provides a commendable range of 10.3 miles even in hilly conditions at its top speed.

Despite a few drawbacks, such as a relatively slow base model and limited hill climbing ability, the Segway Ninebot E2 excels as an affordable and reliable option in the entry-level electric scooter market. Its sleek design, decent performance, and the trust associated with the Segway brand make it a compelling choice for budget-conscious riders.

NIU-KQi 1 Pro (Image credit: Amazon)

NIU-KQi 1 Pro



Speed of 15 mph.

Exceptionally well-built.

Smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Ideal for daily commuting needs.

Lispan of 11 months.


We didn't find any drawback


The NIU KQ1 Pro stands out with its impressive features, offering a commendable 15-mile range and a top speed of 15 mph, effortlessly tackling a 14% grade. Its foldable design, equipped with 9-inch pneumatic tires and a dual braking system, makes it an excellent choice for compact urban commuting.

The inclusion of a smart app adds a technological edge, providing control over the scooter, firmware upgrades, and customization of acceleration and locking settings. This scooter’s suspension system and pneumatic tires ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. With a user-friendly folding mechanism, it becomes an ideal last-mile commuting companion, boasting a lightweight construction at just 39.9 lbs.

The thoughtful design extends to features like a front drum brake, electric rear brake, bright LED headlight, and comprehensive mud guards for a clean and safe journey.

The integration of the NIU KQ1 Pro with a dedicated app elevates the riding experience, offering features such as distance tracking, battery level monitoring, and GPS navigation. Take advantage of customizable regenerative braking, cruise control, and personalized ride settings, all effortlessly managed through the user-friendly app interface.

Gotrax GXL V2 (Image credit: Amazon)

Gotrax GXL V2



Maximum speed of 15.5 mph.


Great value.

Smoothly navigates bumps and cracks for a comfortable ride.


Lacks built-in suspensions.

Limited lifespan of 9 months.


The GoTrax GXL V2 is a standout choice for those seeking an affordable electric scooter under $400. Though it may not boast top-tier speed or endurance, it delivers a dependable and comfortable mode of transportation.

In terms of design, the GXL V2 bears a striking resemblance to the pricier GoTrax XR Ultra, featuring a robust downtube to house its non-removable battery. Its sleek all-black appearance with minimal branding contributes to an understated aesthetic.

Despite exposed brake lines along the downtube, a reasonable compromise at this price range, the overall design is acceptable. The handlebars feature a practical bell, a functional display showing speed and battery life, and a thumb-activated throttle lever. The scooter folds neatly in half, ensuring convenient storage and portability.

Performance-wise, the GXL V2, driven by a 250-Watt motor, reaches speeds of up to 15 miles per hour on level surfaces. However, it encounters challenges on steeper hills, particularly when starting from a standstill. This scooter is well-suited for riders of smaller stature, as it may face difficulties with heavier individuals.

Notably, the 8.5-inch air-filled tires contribute to a smooth ride, compensating for the absence of shock absorbers. The rear handbrake ensures swift and efficient stops, and the 36V 5.2aH Lithium-ion Battery provides a range of approximately 12 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for daily commuting.


These are the top electric scooters that are available to world community and that are good one time investment for their lifeime, except for gotrax gxl v2. The only thing gotrax wins in is their support is very impressive. Choose according to your choice.

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