Best Helmet For Electric Scooter 2024

Best Helmet For Electric Scooter 2024
Best Helmet For Electric Scooter 2024 (Image: © ELECTRICSCOOTERGEEKS)

Welcome to our blog on the best electric scooter helmets! Safety is paramount in the world of electric scooters, and we’re here to guide you to the perfect blend of style and protection. Let’s explore the top contenders for best helmet for electric scooter, ensuring your rides are both thrilling and secure. Stay tuned for the ultimate helmet recommendations!

First Things To Know:

The type of helmet you require need depends on your riding style, the locations you intend to ride, and certainly, the speeds involved. We have keep these consideration in check with safety standards of DOT FMVSS-218, ASTM F2032 (BMX) and US CPSC (Bicycle) standards.

However a simple choices can be made depending on this information:

  • For speeds below 20 mph, opt for a bicycle helmet.
  • If cruising at 20 mph with a preference for enhanced protection, consider a BMX or downhill helmet.
  • Riding at 20 mph and beyond? A motorcycle helmet is the recommended choice.
  • Engaging in off-roading adventures at a minimum of 20 mph or below? Prioritize safety with a full-face helmet.

The other thing you need to see while buying a helmet is your head size, Helmets are typically measured in centimeters, so if your initial measurements were in inches, be sure to convert.

  • Seek assistance to ensure accurate measurements.
  • Use a measuring tape to determine the circumference of your head.
  • Measure approximately 0.5 cm (1 inch) above your eyebrows for precise sizing.

After that decide on decide your color and go for checkout.

Best Helmet For Electric Scooter

Award Image Model Price
Low Price. Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet See on Amazon
Top Choice. Troy Lee Designs Adult Troy Lee Designs Adult See on Amazon
Top Choice #2 Fly Racing Trekker Helmet Fly Racing Trekker Helmet See on Amazon
Best ILM Open Face ILM Open Face See on Amazon
Good.  O'Neal Sierra Helmet O'Neal Sierra Helmet See on Amazon

Electric Scooter Helmets

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet (Image credit: Amazon)

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet

Low Price.


Inner Cushion give soft feel.

Comfortable and Strong built.

Looks very good.

Stays at place.

Light weight.


Not have Safety Standards.

No chin protection.


The Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet exceeded my expectations. It’s really comfy with a soft inside, even though I got a size a bit bigger than needed. Using the size chart and tape measure was easy. I went for a plain black design, so I can add my own style with paint or stickers. The best thing about it that you can use eye glasses of electric scooter with it. If you are in California having an eyewear is necessary as mentioned in Law.

I used it for my electric scooter and balance bike, and its shape makes me think it’ll last. It feels sturdy and gives a sense of safety. It survived accidental drops, unlike my old Styrofoam helmets. It’s a bit pricier, but the quality, stability, and fit make it worth it. Adjusting the straps is easy, and the non-itchy pads add to the comfort.

The removable, washable pads are handy, especially after sweating. Plus, the cool logo makes following the “always wear a helmet” rule stylish. Overall, it’s a smart choice for those who want safety and comfort.

Troy Lee Designs Adult (Image credit: Amazon)

Troy Lee Designs Adult

Top Choice.


Very Comfortable.

Nice and cool design.

Nice color themes.

Light weight.

Affordable and best investment.

High level of protection.


No major drawback.


This helmet is truly impressive overall. The padding strikes a perfect balance – snug yet comfortable. The chin strap, resembling those on motor cross or DOT motorcycle helmets, might require a bit of adjustment for those unfamiliar, but its intuitiveness becomes evident over time. The weight on the neck is manageable, not as light as some higher-end helmets or half helmets, yet it won’t strain your neck after a day of riding.

For glasses wearers, the padding might compress the arms of the glasses initially, but it works seamlessly with goggles. I give this helmet a solid 5 stars for its ample EPS foam for head protection, stylish design, manageable weight, and an encouraging chin strap that promotes consistent use. In hindsight, this helmet is a worthy investment, and the takeaway here is clear: go ahead and buy this helmet.

Fly Racing Trekker Helmet (Image credit: Amazon)

Fly Racing Trekker Helmet

Top Choice #2


Looks cool.

Perfect fit.

Price point is justified.

Very comfortable.

Very awesome vantilation.


Nothing major to say


I really love this helmet because it’s super lightweight and has impressive aerodynamics. Even when I’m speeding down the freeway, doing some daring maneuvers, the minimal drag is surprising. The stylish appearance has earned me compliments, making it even more appealing.

On the downside, the visor doesn’t close completely flush, allowing some air in. It’s not a big issue, and the unintentional ventilation boost is actually nice. Switching visors can be a bit tricky, but the tool-free setup, with screws easily removable using a coin or keys, helps.

In terms of comfort, this helmet is solid, offering a clear view and awesome sunglasses. They were a bit light for sunset, but adding tint could solve that. The helmet provides great value, combining comfort, style, and practical features. Overall, it’s a reliable choice at an affordable price.

ILM Open Face (Image credit: Amazon)

ILM Open Face



Appealing look.

Visor functions very nice.

Premium inside padding.

Good budget choice.

Fit's very well.


Wind noise at speed of 40 mph is disturbing.


This helmet surpassed my expectations, offering an excellent combination of lightweight, sporty style without the bobblehead effect.

The plush padding adds comfort, and the removable sun visor, with clean screw replacement, showcases thoughtful design. Despite potential sizing chart issues, opting for one size larger ensures a flawless fit.

As a scooter enthusiast, I confidently say you’ll love it with the right size.The surprising lightness, solid build, and smooth visor movement enhance overall satisfaction.

The face guard, while solid, sits close, prompting plans for added comfort. Its coverage leaves the chin and jaw slightly exposed, creating a feeling of openness.

However, this ensures excellent airflow, preventing visor fogging and keeping the face noticeably cooler. Overall satisfaction is high, making it highly recommendable.

O'Neal Sierra Helmet (Image credit: Amazon)

O'Neal Sierra Helmet




Padded chin strap.

Soft inside cushion.

Stays in place.

Good for money.

Awesome looks.


Fogs up.


It fits perfectly without the padding feeling too tight. The super-lightweight design matches the sleek visuals in the pictures. Contrary to some reviews, the built-in tinted shades work well with a smooth sliding mechanism, providing excellent sun protection.

It’s the best value helmet I’ve owned, offering high quality and comfort. Although I sized up for a snug fit, it’s impressively lightweight with excellent vision and easy-to-use tinted shades.

Overall, for the price, it’s a decent helmet with some drawbacks. It may have more disadvantages for on-road riders, but with adjustable air vents and a removable visor, it could be a favorite crossover helmet.


In conclusion, these reviewed helmets offer a diverse range of options for your electric scooter adventures. From the comfort and protection of the Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet to the innovative features of others, there’s a helmet for everyone. Whether prioritizing lightweight design, aerodynamics, or unique features, these helmets cater to various preferences.

Consider your priorities, preferences, and sizing carefully to find a reliable companion for your electric scooter journeys. Stay safe, stylish, and enjoy the ride with the helmet that suits you best!

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