7 Best Shoes For Scootering 2024

7 Best Shoes For Scootering 2024
7 Best Shoes For Scootering 2024 (Image: © ELECTRICSCOOTERGEEKS)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide highlighting best shoes for electric scooters enthusiasts, carefully crafted to enhance safety through exceptional anti-slip features. Riding an electric scooter in urban settings has never been more secure and enjoyable, thanks to cutting-edge technology prioritizing rider safety. Therefore, it is imperative for every rider to don proper safety gear, including the best shoes for scootering.

In this article, we will be exploring the best slip resistance shoes for electric scooter, encompassing features such as weather resistance and personalized comfort tailored to the unique shape of each individual’s foot.

Best Slip Resistance Shoes for Electric Scooter

Award Image Model Price
Best Vans Old Skool Classic Vans Old Skool Classic See on Amazon
Top Best Etnies Women's Mc Rap Etnies Women's Mc Rap See on Amazon
Slip & Water Resistat Adidas Forum 84 Low Advantage Adidas Forum 84 Low Advantage See on Amazon
Top Sneakers Adidas mens Busenitz Adidas mens Busenitz See on Amazon
Over all best Supra Adult Stacks Supra Adult Stacks See on Amazon
Best Converse Chuck Taylor Pro Converse Chuck Taylor Pro See on Amazon
Best slip-resistant Skechers Women's Squad Skechers Women's Squad Shoe See on Amazon

7 Best Shoes for Scootering 2024

Vans Old Skool Classic (Image credit: Amazon)

Vans Old Skool Classic



Strong Grip and Traction


Comfortable Fit.

With Stand Water Splashes.

Impact Absorption.


Not designed for use in heavy rain.


The Vans Old Skool Classic Shoes stand out as an excellent choice for electric scooter enthusiasts who relish navigating diverse terrains and engaging in stunts. Tailored specifically for the scooter experience, these shoes seamlessly transition between walking and riding.

With a Sick Stick™ rubber outsole, these shoes deliver exceptional traction, ensuring stability even during rapid maneuvers. The elevated foxing tape and durable DuraCap™ provide robust protection against abrasion, enhancing the shoes' longevity.

For enhanced comfort during leisurely rides or minor stunts, the PopCush™ insole absorbs impacts. The shoes guarantee a secure fit, supported by red internal tongue straps that not only boost comfort but also prevent slippage. Despite being exposed during certain tricks, the shoes showcase remarkable durability over prolonged use.

Remaining true to Vans' classic style, these shoes exude charm both on and off the scooter. The Vans Old Skool Classic Shoes offer a perfect blend of sophistication, comfort, traction, and resilience, making them well-suited for various terrains and maneuvers.

Etnies Women's Mc Rap (Image credit: Amazon)

Etnies Women's Mc Rap

Top Best


Water Protective Sole

Ankle Protection at its best.


Strongest Grips.

Some level of water resistance in rain


Might be slightly heavy weight.


The Etnies Women’s Mc Rap emerges as the premier selection for electric scooter enthusiasts seeking optimal performance during rides. Its rubber sole excels in delivering outstanding traction, ensuring a secure grip on diverse surfaces.

Unmatched in comfort, the Foam Lite 1 insole and egg-crate midsole construction contribute to a plush experience, absorbing shocks seamlessly even on bumpy rides.

The high-top silhouette not only introduces a stylish element but also provides essential ankle support, elevating control and confidence while maneuvering on the scooter. Combining durability, style, and practicality in a single package, the Etnies Mc Rap proves to be an essential companion for a smooth and enjoyable electric scooter experience.

Adidas Forum 84 Low Advantage (Image credit: Amazon)

Adidas Forum 84 Low Advantage

Slip & Water Resistat


Durable Construction.

Water Resistant Material.

Comfort and Support.

Stylish Design.


(No any major cons seen)


After subjecting the Adidas Forum 84 Low Advantage shoes to rigorous testing during electric scooter rides, the results reveal that they excel as the top choice for slip-resistant footwear for men engaging in electric scooter activities, particularly with their impressive waterproof feature.

Upon close inspection of the stitching, some minor separation was noted, but it didn’t appear to pose a significant issue. The quality of the leather held up admirably, exhibiting minimal wear on the toe cap and robust rubber components that resisted abrasion effectively. The shoe’s structure and padding contributed to ample support and comfort, making them well-suited for prolonged riding sessions. The additional plastic tab on the back seemed to enhance support and overall structure.

While the leather toe cap displayed some superficial scuffing, the rubber components demonstrated remarkable resilience against significant damage, even under intense use. The sides of the shoes exhibited more noticeable scuffing; however, the Forum 84 Low Advantage shoes maintained overall strength and durability. It’s worth highlighting that there was minimal damage to the stitching, and it did not raise significant concerns. The rubber toe cap, in particular, showcased its durability against wear and tear.

Adidas mens Busenitz (Image credit: Amazon)

Adidas mens Busenitz

Top Sneakers


Superb Slip Resistance.

Customizable Fit.


Support and Comfort.


Less Water Resistance.


The Adidas Men’s Busenitz stands out as an exceptional choice for electric scooter riders who prioritize outstanding slip resistance.

Crafted from 100% leather and synthetic materials, these shoes are specifically engineered to provide reliable traction and control, ensuring a secure grip on the scooter platform. The rubber sole further enhances grip, promising stability even during swift maneuvers. The Busenitz boasts a robust construction, making it an ideal companion for your electric scooter adventures.

Its durable textile and synthetic upper not only resist blowouts but also offer precise control, essential for smooth rides and confident maneuvers on your scooter. The customizable tongue adds a personal touch to both fit and style, while the Geofit collar ensures support and comfort with an anatomical fit.

The custom recessed eyelets also contribute to longevity, preventing laces from fraying. For unparalleled slip resistance and style, the Adidas Men’s Busenitz takes the lead in electric scooter footwear.

Supra Adult Stacks (Image credit: Amazon)

Supra Adult Stacks

Over all best


Superior Traction.

Lightweight Cup Sole.

Comfortable Fit.

Good Water Resistance.

Awesome Durability.


(No major Cons)


The Supra Stacks emerges as an exceptional choice for electric scooter riders seeking top-tier slip-resistant footwear. With an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole, these shoes deliver exceptional traction, ensuring a secure grip on the scooter deck, even during swift maneuvers or on various terrains.

The lightweight cup sole design strikes a harmonious balance, providing excellent traction and protection without compromising the rider’s connection and sensitivity to the board. Beyond their impressive performance, the Supra Stacks prioritize both style and comfort. Their true-to-size fit guarantees a snug yet comfortable feel, catering to riders who value a blend of fashion and functionality.

The contemporary low-top design aligns perfectly with the needs of skateboarders, offering optimal ankle mobility without sacrificing support. However, a cautionary note on maintenance is essential, as an unfortunate experience with machine washing and drying serves as a reminder of the importance of proper care for preserving performance and longevity.

Converse Chuck Taylor Pro (Image credit: Amazon)

Converse Chuck Taylor Pro



Exceptional Slip Resistance.

Impact Cushioning.

Comfortable Fit.

Durable Construction.


Slim profile of the sole might offer less shock absorption.


The Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Pro stands out as a premier choice for electric scooter riders in search of exceptional slip resistance. Constructed with a canvas upper and a dependable rubber sole, these shoes provide an optimal grip for confidently navigating your scooter.

The molded Lunarlon sock liner delivers lightweight impact cushioning, ensuring a comfortable ride across various terrains. Engineered for both comfort and security, the gusseted tongue ensures a snug fit, while the traditional lace-up front with metallic eyelets guarantees a secure closure.

The incorporation of the original rubber toe box and toe guard, coupled with tonal sidewall trim and the iconic All-Star heel patch, underscores Converse’s commitment to both style and durability. Whether commuting to work or exploring the city, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Pro seamlessly blends slip resistance, comfort, and timeless design, establishing itself as the ultimate companion for electric scooter rides.

Skechers Women's Squad (Image credit: Amazon)

Skechers Women's Squad

Best slip-resistant


Relaxed Fit.

Light Weight.

Highest slip resistance.


Can Not be used in rain.

Not much Durable.


This lightweight and high-performing non-slip electric scooter shoe is particularly well-suited for heavyweight women. Crafted entirely from synthetic materials, it ensures both durability and flexibility.

The synthetic material not only guarantees the shoe’s longevity but also provides the necessary flexibility for optimal performance. The rubber sole, in addition to offering flexibility and consistency, minimizes friction, delivering a smooth and comfortable feel for your feet. The low-top shaft design not only ensures a secure fit, putting your movements under your control but also facilitates quick and easy foot maneuvers. Notably, its exceptional anti-slip features are evident from the carefully designed bottom.

Beyond its remarkable slip resistance, the rubber sole contributes to overall comfort with a memory foam footbed. The more you wear it, the more comfortable it becomes, adapting to the unique contours of your foot. Furthermore, it offers ankle protection with a relaxed fit, making it a practical and comfortable choice for your electric scooter rides.


Top Picks for Electric Scooter Riding Shoes: Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic, Lakai Griffin, DC Women’s Court Graffik, Adidas Men’s Busenitz, and Vans Unisex-Adult Half Cab – Your Ideal Choice Depends on Your Preferences! When it comes to electric scooter riding, choosing the right footwear is crucial for safety and performance.

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