Best Water Bottle Holder For Electric Scooter

Best Water Bottle Holder For Electric Scooter
Best Water Bottle Holder For Electric Scooter (Image: © ELECTRICSCOOTERGEEKS)

Welcome to our blog all about finding the best water bottle holder for electric scooter in 2024! As electric scooters become more popular for getting around easily and being good for the environment, it’s important to have the right add-ons, like best e scooter water bottle holder, to make your ride even better

One important add-on is a good water bottle holder that keeps your drink secure while you ride. Lets see drink holders for electrics scooters.

Things To Know:

Water bottle holders effectively secure bottles, preventing falls, but it’s crucial to note that liquid may splash if the bottle’s lid isn’t tightly sealed. This consideration becomes more crucial with coffee cup holders on e-scooters, increasing the risk of spills. Extra care is essential to ensure tightly fastened lids, avoiding potential mess or accidents while riding.

Best E-Scooter Water Bottle Holders

Award Image Model Price
Top Choice. Belinous Scooter Belinous Scooter See on Amazon
Best Topeak Bottle Cage +CageMount Topeak Bottle Cage +CageMount See on Amazon
Best Accmor Holder 3-in-1 Universal Accmor Holder 3-in-1 Universal See on Amazon
Budget  GLDYTIMES Universal GLDYTIMES Universal See on Amazon
Good low price GYL Rotational GYL Rotational See on Amazon

5 Best Water Bottle Holder For Electric Scooter 2024

Belinous Scooter (Image credit: Amazon)

Belinous Scooter

Top Choice.


Robust and sturdy build.

Oxford fabric with water-resistant properties.

Adjustable straps and a buckle closure ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Mesh pockets for extra storage capacity.

Adjustable bungee cord for enhanced security.


Not suitable for large or bulky drinks.


The Belinous scooter bottle holder emphasizes durability, boasting robust and flexible Oxford fabric that resists daily wear. Its sturdy design ensures the cup holder remains intact, even under rigorous use.

Attaching the bottle holder to your electric scooter is simple, utilizing adjustable Velcro straps securely wrapping around the handlebar or stem. The generous strap length accommodates various handlebar sizes, ensuring universal compatibility.

Crafted from durable Oxford fabric, the holder provides resilience and water-resistant properties, protecting your beverage. Side mesh pockets in a different fabric facilitate ventilation for optimal drink temperature.

It securely accommodates a range of bottles, from 8oz water bottles to larger 32oz tumblers. Side mesh pockets offer storage for small items like your phone or keys, enhancing drink security, especially on rough terrain. The Oxford fabric allows easy cleaning with a damp cloth, preserving the cup holder’s condition.

Topeak Bottle Cage +CageMount (Image credit: Amazon)

Topeak Bottle Cage +CageMount



Flexible adjustable fit for various bottle sizes.

Cleaning is easy and not risky to damage.

Strong, but flexible makes it unbreakable


Nothing major to say.


The Topeak Modula Java Bottle Cage offers a robust and durable solution crafted from resilient engineering-grade polymer and rubber. Originally designed for bikes, its adaptability extends to electric scooters through versatile mounting hardware, facilitating easy adjustments to fit various frame shapes.

The tool-free installation process, combined with the Topeak CageMount, enhances stability. The standout feature lies in its adjustable design, accommodating a range of bottles and containers, from standard water bottles to thermoses. The inclusion of a secure rubber strap ensures a strong grip even on rough terrain.

Its sleek design, available in various colors, seamlessly complements both bike and scooter styles, making it a versatile and stylish choice for outdoor adventures.

Accmor Holder 3-in-1 Universal (Image credit: Amazon)

Accmor Holder 3-in-1 Universal



Secure your Keys, Bottle and Mobile.

Attachment adjustable clip makes it to attach various Vehicles.

The springs in container prevent spillover of drinks.

Robust construction


Nothing major to say


The Accmor Holder stands out with its premium materials and robust construction, ensuring lasting durability for daily use. Attaching it to my electric scooter was effortless, thanks to the adjustable clamp that securely gripped the handlebar without causing damage, offering a 360-degree rotation for the perfect phone angle and adapting to various handlebar thicknesses.

After a month of use, the Accmor Holder has proven remarkably durable, withstanding bumpy rides, sudden stops, and accidental drops. Both the bottle and phone holders, equipped with automatic springs, securely held my items, preventing bouncing or falling, even on rough terrain.

Noteworthy features include a spacious cup holder for various bottle sizes, a convenient key hook, and a phone holder with a charging cable groove. The adjustable clip width ensures compatibility with various tubes, poles, strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs, and more.

GLDYTIMES Universal (Image credit: Amazon)




Compatible to various vehicles.

Made with crack-proof nylon plastic.

Lightweight and waterproof.


Small sized bottles won't secure perfectly.


The GLDYTIMES Universal Scooter Bottle Holder is crafted from durable high-quality plastic, providing a strong and secure grip suitable for bottles and cups of various sizes, perfect for everyday use. Effortless installation is ensured with its simple clamp mechanism, designed for handlebars with a diameter ranging from 0.78'' to 1.25''. No additional tools or assemblies are necessary; just loosen the clamp, position it around the handlebar, and securely tighten.

Noteworthy features include a 360-degree swiveling capability for easy angle adjustments, promoting optimal access and spill prevention. Its versatility extends beyond scooters, as it can be easily mounted on bicycles, baby strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, and motorcycles.

The textured grip on the inner surface minimizes the risk of bottle slippage, even on rough terrain. Its plastic construction allows for easy cleaning with a simple wipe-down, ensuring cleanliness with minimal effort.

However, it’s worth noting that small-sized bottles may not fit securely in this holder. If this is a concern, the Topeak Bottle Cage, reviewed above, offers adjustable sizing for various bottle dimensions.

GYL Rotational (Image credit: Amazon)

GYL Rotational

Good low price


Versatile compatibility.

360-degree rotation.

Strong and durable built.


Small sized bottle won't be secured.


The GYL 360° Rotation Bottle Holder is a versatile and durable accessory designed for electric scooters, bicycles, strollers, wheelchairs, and various vehicles with handlebars or frames, making it an ideal companion for outdoor activities.

Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic and reinforced with metal fittings, it exhibits resilience against wear and tear, maintaining a secure grip on bottles even after months of use and challenging rides.

The tool-free and swift mounting process ensures quick and convenient installation. Notable features include a 360-degree rotation for easy access from any position, particularly beneficial for riders with limited hand mobility. Non-slip pads contribute to added grip and stability.

The smooth plastic surface is easily wipeable, making it suitable for all weather conditions. The GYL 360° Rotation Bottle Holder stands out as a reliable and user-friendly companion for on-the-go individuals.


When selecting a water bottle holder for your electric scooter, prioritize key factors. Choose one with a secure attachment for stability on uneven surfaces, ensuring compatibility with your scooter’s handlebar or frame. Durability is crucial to withstand outdoor conditions.

Features like 360-degree rotation or adjustable clamps enhance convenience and accessibility. Evaluate these aspects to find a holder that meets your needs, providing hydration on the go without compromising safety or comfort during your electric scooter rides.

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