Big Wheel Electric Scooters 2024 (10-18Inches)

Big Wheel Electric Scooters 2024 (10-18Inches)
Big Wheel Electric Scooters 2024 (10-18Inches) (Image: © ELECTRICSCOOTERGEEKS)

In this blog, we’ll explore the thrilling realm of the big wheel electric scooters that have taken the personal mobility scene by storm. These modern marvels combine cutting-edge technology with sleek design, offering riders an unmatched experience in both style and performance.

Whether you’re a commuting enthusiast or an urban and off–road adventurer, join us as we delve into the top-notch features, impressive capabilities, and the sheer joy these electric scooters bring to the streets. Get ready to discover the ultimate fusion of convenience, power, and fun as we roll into the exciting universe of the best big wheel electric scooters.

First Thing To Know:

There are few things that buyers should now that the big wheel electric scooters are not light weight, however there are electric scooters that are light weight but there tire size is not more then 11 inches.

And the other thing is that these scooters are best investment as they can conquer hills with ease, and this can be added to list of e-scooters that can ride uphill.

8 Best Big Wheel Electric Scooter (10-18Inch) 2024

Award Image Model Price
10 inch for City Commute Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP See on Amazon
10 inch for Off-Road JOYOR S5 JOYOR S5 See on Amazon
11 Inch for all Terrain Gotrax G4 (40 Miles Dual650 Watt) Gotrax G4 (40 Miles Dual650 Watt) See on Amazon
12 inch for all Terrain. Tumotcy K8 Tumotcy K8 See on Amazon
13 inch for all Terrains Toursor E6 Toursor E6 See on Amazon
14 Inch for Urban use. Gotrax FLEX ULTRA Gotrax FLEX ULTRA See on Amazon
15 inch for cruising. Fatboy 800 Watt Fatboy 800 Watt See on Amazon
18 Inch TOXOZERS Fat Tire TOXOZERS Fat Tire See on Amazon

Big Wheel Electric Scooters 2024 (10-18Inches)

Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP (Image credit: Amazon)

Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP

10 inch for City Commute


Speed and Range.

Build Quality.

Efficient Braking Systems.

Impressive Torque and Acceleration.

Best Value for the Price of $599


May be heavy weight for some people.


For those looking for an electric scooter that’s both powerful and budget-friendly, the Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP stands out as a great option. It’s designed to meet performance needs without breaking the bank, featuring a strong 700W motor known for handling hills exceptionally well. This power earns it a spot on the list of top hill-climbing e-scooters.

The scooter’s solid and well-crafted build adds to its appeal, ensuring durability and resilience, even in the challenging conditions of city commuting.

When it comes to range, the scooter doesn’t disappoint, thanks to its long-lasting battery that allows it to travel up to 24.9 miles on a single charge under ideal conditions. This extended range makes it a reliable choice for daily commutes and urban adventures.

With a top speed of 18.6 MPH (slowing to 13.8 MPH on 12-degree inclines), the G30LP finds a good balance between speed and control, making it perfect for navigating city streets.

JOYOR S5 (Image credit: Amazon)


10 inch for Off-Road


Fast in perfromance.

Long range battery life.

Shock absorbers for a smooth ride.

Very effective Daul brakes.

Excellent value for money.


Lacks high level of water resistance.


The JOYOR S5, an electric scooter with a single motor, has gained attention for its impressive affordability and specifications. Priced at $699, it’s designed for riders weighing over 220 lbs.

Equipped with an 800W motor, it delivers strong torque and acceleration, reaching a top speed of 31 mph and offering three riding modes for an exciting experience. Despite its budget-friendly range, the scooter stands out in terms of build and design, providing a substantial and attractive look, especially with its initially doubted orange color that grows on users.

The JOYOR S5 offers great value for money, providing commendable features at an affordable price. However, the instant full-speed torque and lack of gradual acceleration in the throttle response can result in a somewhat jerky motion at lower speeds. Maintenance is generally straightforward, although tube replacement can be a bit challenging.

While JOYOR may not have the brand recognition of more established counterparts, the availability of affordable OEM parts is a positive aspect.

Gotrax G4 (40 Miles Dual650 Watt) (Image credit: Amazon)

Gotrax G4 (40 Miles Dual650 Watt)

11 Inch for all Terrain


Comfortable and enjoyable riding.

Dual Suspension.

The braking system exhibits considerable robustness.

Long range battery.

Digital password protected lock.

Strongest build quality.


Heavy Weight of 70lb



The Gotrax G4 series introduces the 40 Miles Dual 650 Watt electric scooter, targeting thrill-seeking adults. Priced at $1499, it justifies the cost with a robust 650-watt motor, a 50.4V 25AH battery for a 37-mile range, and sturdy construction.

Assembly is easy, requiring handlebar attachment. The scooter offers a thrilling experience, accelerating to 37 mph, with reliable hill climbing and comfortable rides on 11-inch pneumatic tires.

Dual braking, electronic and disc, ensures safety for varying weight riders. User-friendly controls include a simple display, cruise control, and walk mode. The efficient folding mechanism with dual latching enhances stability and portability, making the G4 a popular choice in Gotrax’s lineup.

Only drawback is it’s heavy weight and price point (Optional), if you want a light weight and low priced 11 inch tire electric scooter than see isinwheel GT2 (Click the buy button of isinwheel GT2 to see it)

Tumotcy K8 (Image credit: Amazon)

Tumotcy K8

12 inch for all Terrain.


Strong body.

Well balanced and high speed.

Most outstanding performance of suspensions.

Justifies the price point.


Weight of 117lbs (53 kg)


The K8 scooter is equipped with two powerful 3000W brushless motors, boasting a peak torque of 90Nm.

Achieving a top speed of 50mph and effortlessly conquering a 50° climbing angle, the powerful motor ensures a dynamic ride. Its 60V 38Ah high-capacity lithium battery, accompanied by dual fast-fill ports, enables swift charging, providing a maximum range of 65-70 miles in just 7 hours.

However, it is advisable to avoid prolonged rides in the rain due to its IPX4 rating. Safety features include dual hydraulic disc brakes for quicker stops and a dual shock absorber system enhancing stability at high speeds.

The upgraded 12" puncture-proof vacuum street tires ensure superior road grip, complemented by vibrant RGB ambient lights for a dazzling touch.

Toursor E6 (Image credit: Amazon)

Toursor E6

13 inch for all Terrains


Robust built.

Fast speed.

Dual motors, compelling choice for hill.

Detachable and comfortable seat.

Perfect suspensions.


Weighs 122lbs (55kg)

Expensive (Optional drawback)


The Toursor E6 is a high-performance off-road electric scooter tailored for adults, featuring dual powerful 3000W brushless hub motors with a combined 6000W power for a thrilling top speed of 65mph and a robust load capacity of 340 lbs. With a double heat dissipation structure, it excels in conquering hills and delivering an adrenaline-pumping speed experience.

Its 60V 35Ah lithium battery provides an impressive 60-mile range per charge, making it a reliable choice for daily commuting. The scooter’s folding and portable design, enhanced by a double folding lock mechanism and an all-aluminum alloy body, ensures easy storage in car trunks or compact spaces.

Displaying three motion modes on the LCD, the Toursor E6 offers crucial information such as battery level, riding speed, steering details, and malfunction warnings for a versatile riding experience.

Safety features include hydraulic disc brakes and dual hydraulic shock absorbers, ensuring smooth rides on challenging terrains and stairs. The scooter’s dual headlights, taillights, turn signals, and brake lights enhance visibility for safer night riding.

Gotrax FLEX ULTRA (Image credit: Amazon)


14 Inch for Urban use.


Strong build quality.

Comfortable seat.

Attached storage basket.

Reaches top speed quickly.

Battery quality and life both are good.

Budget friendly price point.


Not performed well for hills.


The Gotrax FLEX ULTRA stands out as a meticulously crafted electric commuter bike for adults, offering a comfortable ride with dual suspensions, an adjustable saddle, and an extra-wide anti-slip deck. Its user-friendly digital display provides quick access to power and speed information, while the lightweight design and easy-to-use throttle make it perfect for new riders.

Powered by a robust 500W rear-wheel motor and featuring 14" large wheels, this scooter effortlessly handles various terrains with speeds up to 20 mph. The eco-friendly design, complete with a rear basket, makes it an ideal daily travel companion, covering 25 miles per charge with its 48V 10Ah battery.

Safety is prioritized with responsive dual drum brakes, lights, and a folding design for portability. The high-strength steel frame supports a maximum load of 264lbs, ensuring a secure and enjoyable commuting experience.

Fatboy 800 Watt (Image credit: Amazon)

Fatboy 800 Watt

15 inch for cruising.


Dual brakes responds smoothly and perfectly.

Tires have strong ground grip.

Comfortable to ride for long time.


May be expensive (Optional to buyer)

Charging time of 5 to 8 hours.

Max speed is not high enough.


Embark on an electrifying journey with the Fatboy 800 Watt electric scooter, your ticket to a thrilling ride! Geared towards riders aged 13 and above, this scooter packs a punch with its mighty 800-watt motor, whisking you away to speeds beyond 20 mph for an exhilarating experience.

Stand out on any terrain with its impressive 15" tall and 6" wide off-road tires, ensuring stability and control like never before. The double brake system, featuring both front and rear brakes, takes your safety to the next level with advanced braking capabilities.

Take command with the ergonomically designed extra-wide cruiser-style handlebars that promise stable control on pneumatic tires, while the generously spaced seat guarantees a journey of utmost comfort.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! The manufacturer goes the extra mile with their commitment to customer satisfaction, offering a dedicated after-sales service available seven days a week. Your adventure begins with Fatboy—where power meets pleasure!

TOXOZERS Fat Tire (Image credit: Amazon)


18 Inch


Pretty Good Speed.

Strongly built body.

Comfort level increases with use.

Battery life is pretty awesome with this design.

Tires have strong grip over road.


Highly Expensive.


Experience the perfect fusion of comfort and power with the Fat Tire 2000w Electric Scooter. Boasting tilt-adjustable ape handlebars, a spacious padded seat, and a wide deck, it promises a delightful riding journey. The scooter’s performance is unmatched, driven by a formidable 60-volt 18ah Lithium Battery, propelling it to speeds of 28-32 mph and covering up to 20 miles per charge.

Equipped with essential features like a Front LED light, Front & Rear Hydraulic Brake, and robust tires, it’s well-prepared for diverse terrains. The scooter’s long wheelbase ensures stability, preventing wheelies and making it an ideal companion for daily commuting.

Step into the future with its lowrider scooter design, featuring a sleek futurist aesthetic, ape handlebars, and alloy metal rims. The massive 18-inch tires, nine inches wide, and hydraulic disc brakes ensure exceptional road performance at an exhilarating 30 mph speed. Elevate your riding experience with the Fat Tire 2000w Electric Scooter!


In conclusion, after delving into the reviews of big wheel electric scooters from our list, the decision is now in your hands to choose the one that aligns with your needs and desires. However, we highly recommend the Gotrax Flex Ultra if you’re in search of a top-notch big wheel electric scooter for adults.

For those seeking an even more advanced option, TOXOZERS Fat Tire stands out as an exceptional choice. The power and features of these scooters make them standout options in the realm of big wheel electric scooters.

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