Are you facing issues with your Bird scooter battery not charging? It can be frustrating, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore common problems and solutions to fix your bird scooter not charging issue.

But before diving deep into the discussion of why bird scooter won’t charge, we have to know a few things.

First Thing First:

Initial Problem: Facing charging issues with your recently purchased Bird scooter? It is recommended to explore the option of a refund for a clearer understanding of the underlying causes explained below. For a refund eligibility, return the product within 30 days of purchase, with a 10% restocking fee applied.

The scooter should have traveled less than 20 miles, remain unassembled, and be returned in its original packaging. Alternatively, if issues arise, you can consider a warranty claim, with the warranty duration ranging from 1 to 2 years based on the model and scooter parts.

Late Problem: Regarding the lifespan, Bird scooters typically last from 1 year to 1.6 months, depending on the model. It’s worth noting that the lifespan may decrease when used on hilly terrain, so it is advisable to choose scooters that are compatible with hills.

If you have used your bird scooter for this period it is recommended to buy a new electric scooter in budget. You can also decide either to buy a light weight scooter or buy a electric scooter with big wheel.

Bird Scooter Won’t Charge: 

If your bird scooter not charging then you can go checking and doing a few things.

I’d like to assist you in resolving the charging problem where the LED is expected to turn red but remains green instead. Several factors could be causing this issue, and I’ll explore a few potential solutions.

1. Dead Battery:

If the scooter has been heavily used and discharged entirely to zero, the controller and motor may attempt regeneration, leading to the persistent green light. A straightforward remedy is to allow the scooter to rest for approximately an hour before attempting to charge again.

If the problem is still not fixed and you have not used your bird scooter for a long time like; 3 to 4 months and battery is completely dead to “0”, so if you are facing this issue then it is recommended to get a 24v charger that uses the same connector to bring the battery pack up to a voltage enough for the normal 36v charger to work again.

Otherwise, in such cases, waiting a few days with it connected to the charger for at least 2 days or reaching out to customer support for specialized assistance might be necessary You can also inspect the battery of bird scooter by reading another article on bird scooter.

2. Temperature:

Heat up the Bird scooter, If it’s too cold, the scooter might not accept a charge. Bring it indoors and position it in front of a space heater for mild warmth; I’m confident it will be chargeable after around 20 minutes. Alternatively, consider using a Lime charger, which is purportedly much more intelligent than a Bird charger.

3. Battery Management System (BMS)

The Battery Management System (BMS) plays a crucial role in charging. If there’s a red light on the BMS, it’s indicating a potential problem. This could be a sign of issues with the battery pack or the BMS itself. In such cases, further investigation is necessary. Inspect the battery, If the charger light remains green, even with a seemingly functional connection, it may indicate a more complex issue within the battery or BMS.

Check the red and black wire connector that leads to the charging port. Connecting it correctly should prompt the charger light to turn red, indicating a successful charging initiation. If the light remains green, there may be a problem with the charging port or wiring.

Constant red light on the BMS may indicate a need for a battery replacement. However, intermittent flashing is considered normal during charging.

4. Charger:

Ensure that the connector is securely attached if not working or have dust and debris; clean it. The last possibility is that the charger itself could be damaged. I suggest trying an alternate charger, as damaged chargers are not uncommon.

Drawing from my own experience, I encountered a similar issue even with the original charger. I switched to a compatible charger from a previous scooter, and this successfully resolved the problem. If you have additional solutions or insights, please share them in the comments.

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In conclusion, understanding the potential issues with your Bird scooter’s charging system is crucial for a quick resolution. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can identify and address the root cause, ensuring your scooter is back in action without the need for extensive repairs or bypassing procedures.

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