If your Gotrax scooter’s front wheel get stuck, it can be really annoying. In this article, we’ll look at why the gotrax scooter front wheel stuck, how to figure out the problem, and when you might need a pro to step in.

First Thing First:

Early Problems: If you have bought a new Sotrax scooter and are facing wheel stuck problems-only if there is a motor problem or some manufacturing defect as mentioned in gotrax warranty policy-then you should claim warranty-Gotrax provide 2 years warranty- if there is a manufacturing defects which happen in most new electric scooters. A newly bought Gotrax scooter also has a return policy; within 14 days of purchase.

Late Problems: If you are facing a problem after 2 years; when you can’t claim warranty then you should go for see some problems and at some point should try technical fixes mentioned below.

Therefore, if you’ve been utilizing your Gotrax scooter for at least 20 months, it might be a suitable time to explore a new budget-friendly electric scooter. Whether you’re interested in a lightweight e-scooter or one with larger wheels, it’s worth considering an upgrade if the aforementioned solutions don’t address your concerns.

Gotrax Scooter Front Wheel Stuck (Reasons and Fixes)

1. Clean the Wheel and Check for Debris:

Stuff like rocks or sticks can get caught in your scooter’s front wheel or brake system, causing it to get stuck. It’s essential to check for and remove any foreign objects.

Gather the necessary tools:

  • Allen wrench set
  • Degreaser or WD-40
  • Clean rags
  • Grease (optional)

Cleaning process:

Take off the wheel: Utilize the Allen wrench set to meticulously remove the nuts and bolts securing the stubborn wheel to the scooter frame. Once the wheel is free, gently pull the wheel away from the frame.

Clean the wheel and bearings: Thoroughly cleanse the wheel and bearings using degreaser or WD-40 along with a cloth. Eliminate any dirt, debris, or rust that might be causing the wheel to stick.

Inspect the bearings: Examine the bearings for any indications of damage or wear. If there is damage, it’s necessary to replace the bearings.

Reattach the wheel: Carefully fix the wheel back onto the scooter frame, ensuring proper alignment and security. Use the Allen wrench set to tighten the nuts and bolts.

2. Inspect and Replace Worn-out Brake Components:

Over time, brake parts like pads, calipers, or rotors can wear down. This can lead to reduced braking and even cause the wheel to lock up.

If cleaning doesn’t work, inspect the brake parts for wear or damage. And read the process of changing brake components; Replace Gotrax brake components (Buy from Amazon) that are worn out to restore proper functionality. 

3. Tighten or Realign the Wheel Axle:

If the wheel axle is loose or not aligned properly, it can make the front wheel get stuck. Making sure the axle nut is tight and the wheel is aligned correctly is crucial.

If the wheel is still stuck, check the wheel axle. Ensure it’s properly tightened and aligned. If the axle nut is loose, tighten it according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

4. Gotrax scooter Front Wheel Replacement:

If you find out that the wheel is broken or the wheel motor is not accelerating, because of years of riding then you should buy a new front wheel replacement. Remove the front wheel; And attach a new wheel.

5. Bearings:

In many cases it is recommended to just clean and grease the bearings but greasing the bearings is not feasible, because for this purpose you should have a pressurized gig that pushes the grease through the seals under pressure. For most people, it’s easier to just change the bearings instead, unless you have a reach to shop.

In this case for most people, it’s easier to just change the bearings instead. If your motor hub is really rusty, cleaning it well can make it work again.

When to Get Professional Help

1. Persistent or Severe Wheel Jam:

If you’ve tried the steps above and the wheel is still stuck or severely jammed, it’s time to get professional help. A qualified technician can identify and fix the issue.

2. Lack of Mechanical Knowledge or Tools:

If you’re not comfortable doing the troubleshooting or lack the necessary tools, seeking professional help is the safest option.

Trying to fix the scooter without proper knowledge can lead to more problems.


In summary, dealing with a stuck front wheel on your Gotrax scooter is frustrating, but it’s usually caused by common issues that you can identify and fix.

By following the steps in this article, you can either solve the problem yourself or know when to turn to a professional for assistance.

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