Gotrax scooter provides long warranty compared to other brands, they are the most durable electric scooter but as some people search for different models of gotrax scooter such as; gotrax gxl v2 throttle not working, gotrax xr ultra throttle not working gotrax xr elite throttle not working then there is sure they do have some problems

In this blog article we will see the ways that can easily fix gotrax scooter throttle not working problem.

Here you have to make it clear that if the throttle is broken you can’t fix it. However water damage can be resolved in most cases, but not in all situations.

Quick Fix:

1. Try Pluging-In: If your Gotrax scooter throttle won’t turn on, a common solution is to plug in the Gotrax charger and attempt to power it on.

2. Claim Warranty: If you are facing gotrax scooter throttle problem then you have to first go for claiming warranty of gotrax scooter, the warranty policy of gotrax electric scooter is as follow: 

  • Frame and Deck: 2-year warranty
  • Front/Rear Wheel Hub Motor Assembly: 2-year warranty
  • Front Fork and Neck Assembly: 2-year warranty
  • Battery: 1-year warranty
  • Other Components: 3-6 month warranty (varies by component)

Note: Warranty Only be claimed within 2 years for adult gotrax scoter only for manufacturer defects not for damage (Damage part need to be replaced or repaired)

How You Can Claim Gotrax Scooter warranty?

Locate either your purchase receipt or confirmation email, as this document is crucial to confirm your eligibility for warranty claims.

  • Navigate to the Gotrax website and access the “Support” section.
  • Click on the “Warranty Claims” option.
  • Complete the warranty claim form by providing your contact details, purchase information, and a detailed description of the issue with your scooter. 
  • Upload copies of your purchase receipt and any relevant documentation.
  • Click the “Submit” button. When describing the scooter issue, be thorough for a better understanding by Gotrax, which can lead to a quicker resolution.

Following the submission of your warranty claim, a Gotrax customer service representative will review your request and aim to contact you within 24-48 business hours.

If your claim is approved, Gotrax will either dispatch a replacement part or coordinate the repair of your scooter at an authorized service center.

Common Causes of Throttle Malfunction:

  • Battery Issues: Check if the battery is providing sufficient power to the scooter.
  • Brake Interference: Investigate if the brakes are interfering with acceleration.
  • Throttle and Wires: Examine the throttle and its wires for functionality and damage.
  • Controller and Motor: Ensure the controller and motor are working correctly.

Gotrax Scooter Throttle Not Working: (Fixes)

1. Battery:

Make sure the gotrax scooter is charged, the battery should provide full power to the throttle. If the it is not charging then fix charging problem

2. Inspect Connections:

Begin by visually inspecting connections between the throttle, controller, and battery. Look out for loose wires, frayed ends, or corrosion.

Tighten any loose connections and clean off corrosion with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.

3. Check Controller:

The controller, acting as the scooter’s brain, requires specialized expertise for diagnosis and repair. Some time throttle is working but the problem is with the controller, which is not able to get electrical signals from the throttle.

If a controller issue is suspected, consulting a qualified scooter technician or reaching out to Gotrax customer support is advisable.

4. Test Throttle Sensor:

To assess the throttle sensor, disconnect the throttle wire from the controller and use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the red and black wires.

A smooth change in resistance indicates a healthy sensor, while erratic changes may suggest a faulty sensor that needs replacement.

5. Update Firmware:

Check for firmware updates to address potential software glitches or error codes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to update the firmware and enhance overall performance.

Last Things To Know:

Early Concern: If you’ve recently acquired a Gotrax scooter and are facing any manufacturer-related issues, it’s recommended to request a refund or replacement by contacting your seller. In cases where the refund window has passed, consider initiating a warranty claim. To start the warranty claim process, kindly fill out the Gotrax warranty & return form.

Later Stage Consideration: Having used your Gotrax scooter for a minimum of 20 months indicates substantial usage. In such a scenario, opting for the warranty will lead to a one-month repair period, extending your scooter’s functionality for at least an additional 3 months. This adds up to 24 months of usage, aligning with the warranty expiration.

Therefore, if you’ve been utilizing your Gotrax scooter for 20 months, it might be a suitable time to explore a new budget-friendly electric scooter. Whether you’re interested in a lightweight e-scooter or one with larger wheels, it’s worth considering an upgrade if the aforementioned solutions don’t address your concerns.

gotrax gxl v2 throttle not working


Troubleshooting a malfunctioning throttle on your Gotrax GXL V2 might be daunting, but a methodical approach can help identify the cause and implement the appropriate solution.

If uncomfortable with electrical repairs, seeking assistance from a qualified technician is a wise choice. Keep your scooter in top condition, ensuring you continue to enjoy the freedom and fun it provides!

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