The Hover-1 electric scooter has gained popularity as an eco-friendly mode of transportation, offering a convenient and sustainable alternative for riders. However, as with any electronic device, users may encounter issues like hover-1 electric scooter keeps shutting off.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the common causes behind the Hover-1 electric scooter’s sudden shutdowns and provide practical solutions to address each concern.

First Thing & Priority:

The Hover-1 electric scooter is accompanied by a 90-day limited warranty that specifically addresses internal manufacturer defects; however, it does not extend coverage to physical damage.

The warranty becomes null and void under certain circumstances, such as unauthorized repairs or modifications without the written consent of Hover-1, and the use of a charger other than the official Hover-1 charger. Additionally, exposure to water, moisture, mud, dirt, or debris will result in the forfeiture of warranty coverage.

To initiate a warranty claim, a valid copy of the receipt or online order confirmation, displaying the purchase date, is mandatory

First priority is your safety any electric scooter that doesn’t work properly can cause you to loose control make sure to use flat-closed toe shoes.

10 Fixes for Hover-1 Electric Scooter Keeps Shutting Off:

Here are the causes and fixes for hover-1 electric scooter that keeps shutting off.

1. Weight Limit Exceeded:

The weight limit of hover-1 electric scooter models ranges from 220lbs to 264lbs (120kg). Exceeding the specified weight limit can strain the motor and battery, resulting in shutdowns.

Solution: Stay within the manufacturer’s weight limit and avoid over loading

2. Terrain You are Riding On:

The Hover-1 electric scooter is designed for optimal performance on flat and even surfaces, including pavement, concrete, and asphalt.

Climbing steep hills or inclines can impose a significant strain on the motor and battery of your electric scooter, potentially resulting in unexpected shutdowns.

To mitigate this challenge, it is advisable to adopt a cautious approach when facing such elevations. Reduce your speed and provide assistance to the scooter by kicking off from the ground, effectively lessening the burden on the motor.

Additionally, for those who frequently navigate hilly terrains, opting for electric scooters with higher motor power and torque can enhance performance and reliability during uphill climbs, reducing the likelihood of shutdowns.

3. Kill Switch:

The kill switch on a Hover-1 electric scooter is like a power button. It lets you turn the scooter on or off without using the key and helps save battery.

Usually, it doesn’t directly make the scooter turn off while you’re riding. But, if the kill switch gets accidentally turned off while you’re riding or if it’s not working well, it might cause the scooter to unexpectedly stop.

To avoid the scooter turning off because of the kill switch, make sure the switch is working fine and not getting turned off accidentally when you’re using the scooter.

4. Insufficient Battery Charge:

One prevalent reason for unexpected shutdowns is a low battery charge. When the battery level drops below a critical point, the scooter’s safety mechanisms initiate an automatic shutdown to prevent potential damage.

If your Hover-1 electric scooter stops working after covering 7.5 miles, there’s no need to worry. Just recharge it using the provided charger. Keep in mind that with frequent use and thus charging various times a day, the battery life may decrease. Riding the scooter a lot might reduce the number of charging cycles, causing the battery range to go below 7.5 miles.

Solution: Ensure the battery is fully charged before each use. If problems persist, consider replacing the battery.

5. Faulty Power Connection:

Loose or damaged power connections between battery and motor can cause the hover-1 electric scooter to occasionally shutoff, it can disrupt the electrical flow, resulting in sudden shutdowns. It is crucial to inspect and maintain secure power connections free from wear or tear or melting of wirers.

Solution: Check for visible damage or loose connections in the cables and connectors. Tighten or replace connections as needed.

6. Overheating Motor:

The Hover-1 electric scooter is made to work well in temperatures between 32 and 113°F (0-45°C). If the motor gets too hot, outside of this range, it can overheat. When the motor gets too hot, the scooter has safety features that might make it shut off on its own.

This is to stop any damage from happening because of the overheating. You should also make sure that you have paired it properly after you receive it.

Solution: Allow the motor to cool down by refraining from using the scooter for a few minutes. If issues persist, consult a technician to assess potential motor damage.

7. Damaged Control Board:

A damaged control board can prompt the scooter to shut off. Regularly inspect the control board for signs of damage or overheating.

Solution: Consult a technician for inspection and potential repairs. In cases of extensive damage, replacement may be necessary.

8. Broken Solder Joint Around the Battery:

A broken solder joint around the battery can cause random power disconnections, resulting in electrical resistance and shutdowns.

Solution: Inspect and, if necessary, solder the joint back into place. Seek assistance from a technician if required.

9. Circuit Breaker Tripping:

A tripped circuit breaker can cause shutdowns during rides. Check the circuit breaker for signs of overheating or loose wires.

Solution: Inspect and reset the circuit breaker if needed. Consult a technician if issues persist to ensure secure wiring and proper breaker function.

10. Dead Battery Cells:

Dead battery cells may lead to shutdowns, especially in old or damaged batteries struggling to hold a charge.

Solution: Replace old or damaged battery cells with compatible replacements to ensure optimal performance.


In conclusion, while enjoying the convenience and efficiency of the Hover-1 electric scooter, it’s essential to be aware of factors that may lead to unexpected shutdowns. The 90-day limited warranty provides coverage for internal manufacturer defects, excluding physical damage.

To safeguard this warranty, avoid unauthorized modifications or repairs and ensure the use of the official Hover-1 charger. Exposure to water, moisture, mud, dirt, or debris can void the warranty. If issues arise, initiate a warranty claim with a valid purchase receipt.

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