Electric scooters have revolutionized urban commuting with their convenience and eco-friendly nature. But what do you do when it’s time to park your electric steed in your apartment? how to store electric scooter in apartment this is the problem you might also face. 

So how to store it in the best way so it won’t get scratches or any damage in a small apartment. Fear not, because we’ve got innovative techniques and products to help you store your electric scooter in your apartment without cluttering up your living space.

First and Foremost:

When storing your electric scooter indoors, remember to choose a dry, sheltered location that avoids direct sunlight to prevent damage to plastic and rubber components.

Additionally, prioritize security by storing your scooter inside a locked space, such as a garage or shed, if possible.

How To Store Electric Scooter In Apartment

Here are some common ideas for electric scooter storage in apartment, some DIY ideas that you can follow:

1. Closet Storage with Hooks:

If you have a spacious closet, consider storing your electric scooter standing up. There are hooks designed specifically for electric scooters that make this a convenient option.

store e scooter in apartment.

2. DIY Hooks:

You can see the image shown above and create your own DIY, for this you just need power drill, screws, a small wooden square and two long tailed twisted ends iron wires.

Here are steps to do:

  • Drill 4 holes in the wall for attachment of wooden square with the wall.
  • Drill Two holes in the wooden square for two long tailed twisted ends iron wires.
  • Attach the wooden square having attached iron wires with the wall with screws.
  • You are ready to hung your scooter in apartment.

3. Wall Mount:

If you have money to invest and don’t have any experience of creating DIY as told above, you can just buy a Wall Mount Hooks.

Free up precious floor space by mounting your electric scooter on the wall using a dedicated wall mount. These mounts are designed specifically for electric scooters and keep them out of the way.

4. Under the Bed:

Utilize the often underutilized space under your bed to store your scooter. Just ensure it’s not too close to the floor to avoid any potential damage and the electric scooter should not touch the upper surface of the bed.

5. Staircase Storage:

If your apartment features a staircase, contemplate utilizing the area beneath it for electric scooter storage.

Crafting a tailor-made shelf or storage unit that snugly accommodates this space not only maximizes utility but also ensures your scooter remains well-preserved.

6. Living Area Storage:

If you have enough space in your living area, you can store your electric scooter there. Be mindful not to obstruct walkways or inconvenience others. You can use a wall mount to avoid any inconvenience.

7. Ceiling Mount:

If floor space is at a premium, consider storing your electric scooter on the ceiling using a ceiling mount. Some bicycle ceiling mounts can be adapted for electric scooters.

8. Storage Bag and under the Table:

Protect your scooter from dust and debris with a storage bag designed for electric scooters. These bags are waterproof and help maintain your scooter’s cleanliness when placed at a place like under the table.

how to store scooter in apartment

9. Create a Scooter Garage:

If you have sufficient space, consider setting up a mini wooden garage for your electric scooter as shown in the image.

You have to measure the length, width and Hight of your electric scooter when in folded position. then just go to carpenter and tell him that you need a wooden box of your scooter sizes.

This is an excellent option for keeping your scooter out of sight and secure from potential theft.

10. Corner Rack:

For individuals facing constraints on floor space but having unused wall areas, a corner rack presents an excellent solution. This specialized shelving unit neatly slots into a corner, allowing you to store your electric scooter upright while occupying minimal floor space.

11. Near the Entrance:

For quick and easy access, place your electric scooter near the entrance of your apartment. Ensure it doesn’t block walkways or cause inconvenience to others.


In conclusion, finding a suitable storage solution for your electric scooter in your apartment doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the 11 inventive techniques and products we’ve explored, you can keep your trusty scooter safe and accessible while maintaining a clutter-free living space. 

Whether you opt for a wall mount to save floor space, a storage bag to protect against dust, or a ceiling mount for those with limited room, there’s a solution for everyone. By choosing the right storage method, you can ensure that your electric scooter remains in great condition and ready for your next adventure. Happy scooting and happy storing!

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